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Digital transformation of managing contracts at Dell ®

Become the leaderin the transforming world with the best technology.

Contracts are the foundation of most business relationships and we’ll help you to get the most out of them. Maximize your opportunities, increase your profit and improve your operational effectiveness using Cequence.

Bring all contracts
into one system

You can manage all your company contracts from a single repository and benefit from an overview of where your company stands on both the customer and supplier side.

It’s so easy to find any contract I’m looking for. I’m able to search metada, key words or phrases or any combination in a matter of seconds.

Use contract insights to your advantage

We aggregate data to create reports from all your company contracts. You will understand what’s driving your business today and identify the opportunities of tomorrow.

Reports have been a huge help in my day-to-day tasks and they save me so much time on things I previously had to track and put together manually.

Increase efficiency

From automating processes to removing bottlenecks, we’ll increase your productivity and enable you to spend your time in more impactful ways.

Adoption of Cequence substantially improved efficiency of the contracting process by reducing contracting time and enhancing team collaboration.

Build sustainable business

Cequence can help businesses build more sustainable and impactful relationships by ensuring all sustainability tripple bottom line pillars are included, but also adhered to.

Reports from Cequence are versatile and make managerial activities easy. They play an important role in decision-making in our sustainability strategy.

Choose a long-term partner for your business


At Cequence, we apply latest agile methodologies for implementation and our professional services team will help you optimize your processes to get the maximum out of our solution.


With us, you will get a partner that is constantly focused to satisfy the needs of our enterprise clients. We understand the importance of ongoing support to create meaningul and succesful relationships.


We are passionate about our mission of creating the new trends in contract management, therefore, we invest a big portion of our resources into innovation to enable our customers access the latest technology.


Our highest priority is keeping the data of our customers secure. We deploy the best-in-class organizational, architectural, and operational measures to make sure of that. With Cequence, you can rely on secure and sustainable solution.

Cequence is helping our company to decrease operational expenses and turnaround time, while increasing the compliance, resource allocation and effectiveness of our contract management.

Mike Owens VP of Digital Transformation, Dell

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