Celebrating Excellence: Cequence Receives Prestigious Seal of Excellence

24 Jul 2023

Cequence, an AI-driven contract lifecycle management startup based in CEE, has been transforming businesses with its innovative platform. By automating manual tasks and leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI (OpenAI & Pinecone), ML, and Natural Language Processing, Cequence streamlines workflows, minimizes human error, and delivers a consumer-like experience in contract management.

Clients have experienced remarkable results within a short span of time after implementing Cequence. Contract execution accelerated by 50%, compliance with obligations improved by 62%, and team productivity soared by 34%. With a focus on unprecedented time-to-market and OpenAI and Pinecone-powered features, Cequence stands out as a market leader in its domain.

Rasto KOVAL, CEO at Cequence, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the panel of experts for recognizing the potential that Cequence's solution offers. 

"We are truly honored to receive the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission. This acknowledgment validates our team's relentless dedication to providing innovative contract lifecycle management solutions. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on businesses globally."
CEO @ Cequence


The Seal of Excellence is a coveted recognition awarded to outstanding projects that undergo rigorous evaluation under the European Union's funding programs and initiatives. Despite not receiving funding due to budget constraints, projects that display exceptional quality and potential for success are eligible for this prestigious acknowledgment.

In Cequence's case, their project proposal (886490, Vontractool) under Horizon 2020's SME instrument phase 1 call of the EU framework program for research and innovation was deemed to be of remarkable quality and innovation. The seal of excellence was delivered by the European Commission as the managing institution of Horizon 2020.

Evaluation process

Cequence's groundbreaking contract lifecycle management solution, (called Contractool back in 2019), underwent a thorough evaluation process by a panel of experts. When the European Commission runs funding programs to support research, innovation, and various projects, they follow a rigorous evaluation process to assess the quality and potential impact of the submitted project proposals. Projects that score above a certain threshold but cannot be funded due to budget limitations are eligible to receive the Seal of Excellence.

The recognition further bolsters the company's credibility and reputation within the industry. It serves as a testament to Cequence's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and reinforces its position as a leader in contract lifecycle management.

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