[Webinar] Artificial Intelligence and Contract Management: A Transformative Approach

08 Aug 2023

In today’s digital age, many organizations still manage their contracts and critical documents in paper form or, at best, scanned versions. However, a well-organized contract repository, where information can be intuitively searched as easily as on Google, is neither expensive nor inaccessible anymore.

Thanks to the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), software can now read documents, identify key information (metadata), and organize it into a neat database. AI remembers everything it reads and can help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Do you find yourself in any of these situations?

  • Searching through contracts is time-consuming and complicated.
  • Your documents are disorganized, causing headaches on multiple occasions.
  • Generating reports is burdensome and time-consuming.

If so, our webinar is tailored for you.

Duration: Maximum 40 minutes

Content: Product demo on processing contracts into a digital, intuitive repository.

Speakers: Rasťo KOVAL, CEO of Cequence, and Peter BANDA, AI expert at Cequence.


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Who should watch?

  • Individuals who work with documents and contracts in paper or scanned form daily.
  • Those looking to relieve themselves of administrative tasks.
  • Anyone wishing to search for information in contracts quickly and easily, as if searching on Google.
  • Those wanting to avoid manually transcribing information from contracts into summaries, cover letters, excel sheets, or SharePoint.

Cequence offers a solution that is equally accessible to companies with 100 contracts as it is to corporations with thousands.

What will you learn?

  • How AI can process your contracts.
  • What a digital interactive contract repository is.
  • How "Google-like" searching in contracts works.
  • How such a solution can eliminate most complications faced with paper or scanned contracts.
  • How we can save you hours spent searching for information, transcribing data into tables, monitoring obligations, and important dates.


About the Speakers

Rasťo KOVAL: Co-founder of Cequence, Rasťo brings 15 years of experience in contract management, process engineering, and digital innovations in procurement. Negotiating contract terms for multinational companies in purchases worth over 50 million euros, his interest in technology has been crucial in improving contract management processes, team efficiency, and internal collaboration.

Peter BANDA: Co-founder and CSO at Cequence, Peter brings an innovative spirit from academia, with a keen interest in discovery and understanding the essence of things. As a data scientist and bioinformatician with two PhDs (from Slovakia and the USA), he has authored over 30 scholarly articles in artificial life, AI, and artificial chemistry. Between 2015 and 2020, he led data analysis on Parkinson's disease at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine and headed a machine learning team in DREAM challenges.

Our Solution

Cequence offers a fast, affordable way to process contracts into a digital, intuitive repository. Practical examples include:

Do you need to find out the contractual penalty stated in the contract with the Contractor Ltd. → Searched in 10 seconds based on keywords.

Need to find all employment contracts that are missing a GDPR addendum. 
Searched in 2 minutes. And in another 20 minutes, you'll have your addendums ready to print and sign.

Invoice from supplier Firma Ltd arrived and you want to quickly check the agreed due date? → Searched in 10 seconds based on keywords.

About Cequence

Cequence introduces a sophisticated software tool for efficient contract management and related processes. Our solution transforms complex, manual tasks associated with creating, negotiating, and concluding contracts into meaningful, automated processes. This saves thousands of hours annually spent on reptitive administrative tasks like searching or transcribing information from documents. What makes Cequence truly exceptional is our team's ability to bring the latest technologies into your daily work, offering AI, machine learning, and natural language processing features in a user-friendly environment that merges the best of modern digital design with corporate tools.

Cequence is a Slovak company based in Prešov, believing in our ability to produce world-class corporate software solutions in Slovakia.


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