One tool for managing contracts and your team

End-to-end CLM under one roof

Connect the dots between various processes such as supplier or customer onboarding, sourcing, contracting, and obligation tracking with custom workflows.

Stay on top of everything

Rather than trying to remember, let us remind you about any upcoming deadline, milestone or commitment regarding your projects.

Build better relationships

Keep suppliers, customers or partners in the loop by inviting them to participate in the process. Work moves faster when all parties involved are up to date.

Dynamic dashboard

Dynamic dashboard is providing immediate, high level overview of all ongoing activities, keeping action owners in control and ensuring traction on open projects.

The software is very simple to use, which makes the contract management visual and this really helped reduce our cycle time.

Intuitive search

Immediately find the project or document you were looking for with just a keyword in mind. Search and compare all relevant contractual terms and milestones utilizing AI algorithms.

It’’s so easy to find any contract I’m looking for. I’m able to search metada, key words or phrases or any combination.

Smart notifications

Easily accessible from the notifications center, calendar or email, smart notifications will keep you posted and bring you directly to the relevant activity requiring your attention.

Smart notifications have been a huge help in my day-to-day tasks and they save me so much time on things I previously had to track manually.

Task management and collaboration

Discuss any contract query with anyone involved, effectively manage all your tasks, secure approvals, track progress and look back thanks to Cequence vibrant workspace.

Adoption of Cequence substantially improved efficiency of the contracting process by reducing contracting time and enhancing team collaboration.

Insightful reporting

Cequence reports are highly configurable and communicate information which has been compiled as a result of all activities in the system to provide data-driven insights.

Reports from Cequence are versatile and make managerial activities easy. They play an important role in decision-making in our organization.

Contract automation

Our MS Word Online integration provides familiar environment with the benefit of instant versioning, co-auhoring and utilizing clause library to create & share template by few clicks.

Before I spent hours identifying and filling templates. I really love how easy it gets to create, fill and track changes real time with Cequence’s online solution.

Stacked with features that will become a gamechanger.

Advanced analytics

All metadata and contract terms in the system can be used for AI-powered analytics to drive business decisions increasing performance and compliance.

Contract database

Understand your business relationships by uncovering true meanings and history of contract terms with all amendments, hierarchy and relations.

E-signature ready

Utilize our embedded e-signature solution to sign your contracts online in matter of seconds or keep using the one you are familiar with thanks to smooth integration.

Related operations

Get an end-to-end overview of your sourcing or sales activities. Streamline multiple workflows, such as onboarding, sourcing, performance & obligation tracking.

Cequence is helping our company to decrease operational expenses and turnaround time, while increasing the compliance, resource allocation and effectiveness of our contract management.

Mike Owens Cequence is helping our company to decrease operational expenses and turnaround time, while increasing the compliance, resource allocation and effectiveness of our contract management.

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