Cequence for Sales

Fast contracts, more deals

Our solution will speed up time-to-revenue, reduce your costs for manual effort, increase renewal rates and improve customer collaboration. It can be easily integrated with any CRM system to boost productivity & speed.

Shorten your contract cycle time

Streamline your workflow

Use our systematic rule-based workflow of your contract cycle for faster progression for all parties involved.

Simplify contract authoring

Build contract templates from smart clauses and update all templates by one click via our MS Word Online integration.

Automate approvals

All deviations to standard template will be automatically routed for approvals based on your contract approval matrix.

Improve performance & revenue

Get notified about milestones

Your salespeople will get the opportunity to extend revenue streams and maintain customer relationships with reminders on renewals and other important milestones.

Overview of contract structure & deals

Find the right contract and closed deals with full text search and identify hierarchy of all contracts with your customer.

Find new sales opportunities

Cequence uses advanced analytics to automate data extraction that can locate hidden upsale opportunities.

Better customer experience

Improved customer negotiation

Take your customers through the sales cycle with seamless online editing and negotiations that take place directly in Cequence via our Office 365 integration or MS Word plugin.

Easy collaboration

Collaborate with your customer directly in the system and avoid long email chains on the contract related discussions.

Sign more deals

Send out all of your SOWs, Orders, or any other contracts on the fly via e-signature to wrap up the deals faster.

Benefiting employees across all verticals

Sales representative

Your sales reps will have great overview of your customer contracts and utilize that to get better deals, get notified about important milestones and keep traction on open sales projects.

Sales leadership

Sales leadership will have instant access to overall performance against KPIs and understand what are the bottlenecks to drive informed business decisions and expand revenue streams.

Contract manager

Your contract managers will receive an easy to use tool for automated contract authoring, rule based approvals and execution, and easy full text search in contract repository.

Legal team

Legal team can maintain and update templates via centralized clause library, easily track any deviations to standard terms for effective negotiation and utilize Cequence to mitigate risk.


Sales operations can help generate new leads, upsale opportunities and collaborate with sales reps utlizing Cequence reporting and analytics to simplify the sales related processes.


Finance controller will get instant overview of all deals, their pricing details, calculate margins, rebates, evaluate pricing strategy and create forecasts, all thanks to Cequence reporting and analytics.

Other stakeholders

Business, tax, audit,, M&A and others will benefit from instant visibility on the contract status, intuitive environment with easy approvals management and full audit trail of all activities.


Our tool is accessible by third parties, who only get access to the information necessary to complete their part in the process. This way you can collaborate with customers directly in the system.

Saves time and money by reducing the time needed to close. Increases team productivity and employee satisfaction by removing some annoying repetitive manual tasks. We save a ton of paper so it doesn't only help us to save money but the environment as well.


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