Cequence for Procurement

Fast & efficient savings

Our solution will streamline your entire sourcing & contracting processes and help you to reduce risk with your suppliers. It can also be easily integrated with any other procurement system to improve productivity & speed.

Shorten your contract cycle time

Streamline your workflow

Use our systematic rule-based workflow of your contract cycle for faster progression for all parties involved.

Simplify contract authoring

Build contract templates from smart clauses and update all templates by one click via our MS Word Online integration.

Automate approvals

All deviations to standard template will be automatically routed for approvals based on your contract approval matrix.

Manage suppliers effectively

Find any supplier contract easily

Cequence OCR enables you to full text search any keywords including hierarchy of all contracts with your supplier.

Track performance of your suppliers

With Cequence, you can track the performance of your supplier against the agreed SLAs, KPIs and business terms.


You can collaborate with your supplier directly in the system or use co-authoring functionality of MS Word Online.

Deliver savings

Get notified about milestones

Customizable notifications will help you avoid penalties and take advantage of potential rebates or incentives.

Find new savings opportunities

Cequence uses advanced analytics to automate data extraction that can locate hidden opportunities.

Maintain traction

With the Cequence solution you will ensure suppliers perform to agreed upon terms and conditions.

Increase compliance

Audit trail

Easily track all actions, approvals, deviations from standard templates, versioning and negotiations in your contracts.

GDPR compliance

Use our AI-powered analytics to understand if your contracts with suppliers are compliant with latest regulations.

Risk analysis

Our advanced analytics enables you to locate red flags incosistent with your policies across your supplier base.

Benefiting employees across all verticals.

Category Manager

Category or sourcing managers can easily manage supplier relationships, track saving projects and accelerate procurement process while staying on top of contractual deliverables.

Contract Manager

Your contract managers will receive an easy to use tool for automated contract authoring, rule based approvals and execution, and easy full text search in contract repository.

Procurement leadership

Procurement leadership will have instant access to overall performance against KPIs and understand what are the bottlenecks to drive informed business decisions.

Legal team

Legal team can maintain and update templates via centralized clause library, easily track any deviations to standard terms for effective negotiation and utilize Cequence to mitigate risk.


Finance controller will get instant overview of all deals, their pricing details, calculate margins, rebates, evaluate pricing strategy and create forecasts, all thanks to Cequence reporting and analytics.

Other stakeholders

Business, tax, audit,, M&A and others will benefit from instant visibility on the contract status, intuitive environment with easy approvals management and full audit trail of all activities.


Our tool is accessible by third parties, who only get access to the information necessary to complete their part in the process. This way you can collaborate with suppliers directly in the system.

Cequence is helping our company to decrease operational expenses and turnaround time, while increasing the compliance, resource allocation and effectiveness of our contract management.

Mike Owens VP of Digital Transformation, Dell

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